Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book Review: Unleashed by Melissa Pearl

               (The Elements Trilogy Book 3)


The prophecy has failed. As Athra lies in the dungeons of Taramon with his defeated army, this is all he can believe. His city has been torn apart. He has failed his people and all that awaits him is an agonizing death.

But the light has been found.

Ashan and his dark army proceed in gloating triumph. Safeer heads to Mezrah with Taramon's women and children, while the rest of his men remain in the northern city, forcing their prisoners to tear it down stone by stone.

But two sparks have been ignited.

Kyla and Jethro learn of Taramon's demise and, with the children, formulate a plan to rescue their people and bring an end to the overpowering darkness. It will take all their strength and every ounce of faith they possess...

But a furious light is about to be unleashed.


My Review

There are so many things I could say about this book, but I don't want to give away any spoilers so I'm going to try and curb my enthusiasm. This is by far the best book in The Elements Trilogy. Everything which was built up in Unknown and Unseen comes to an emotional and action packed conclusion in Unleashed.

First thing I want to say is I love the character of Flynt the dragon. He reminded me so much of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

Kyla and Jethro's romance, so sweet and wonderful in the first two books, becomes heart wrenching as they near the moment when they must part. I enjoyed this love triangle because it was a little different from what you usually see. Kyla isn't in love with Athra, but her mother chose him to be her husband and she feels duty bound to go through with the marriage. Athra is a good man and I think he truly cares very deeply for Kyla, but he doesn't love her so much as the idea of her as his wife and queen. Kyla is far too willful and headstrong for Athra, who is mostly well grounded and even tempered. Jethro is also a good man, struggling to do what he knows is right no matter how much it hurts.

These characters are amazing. So real and complex. And I was really glad the author chose to tell the villain's side of the story through the eyes of Safeer who, while certainly a bad guy, is also a real human being who is capable of love and sorrow. Ashan is a terrifying villain, but by virtue of being thoroughly evil, he is far less interesting as a character so I'm glad I didn't have to spend too much time with him. The brief glimpses I was given were more than enough to establish how truly vile he was.

The culminating battle between darkness and light is nothing short of epic. Fantastically written and thoroughly gripping, it had me biting my nails one minute and wanting to jump out of my seat to cheer the next.

Unleashed is a powerful story of love, faith, and sacrifice. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful trilogy. If you enjoy epic fantasy with plenty of adventure and just the right dose of romance, you should totally check it out.


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