Saturday, May 24, 2014

Book Review: Fear by Michael Grant

(Gone Series Book Five)


It's been one year since all the adults disappeared. Gone.
Despite the hunger, despite the lies, even despite the plague, the kids of Perdido Beach are determined to survive. Creeping into the tenuous new world they've built, though, is the worst incarnation yet of the enemy known as the Darkness: fear.
Within the FAYZ, life breaks down while the Darkness takes over—turning the dome-world of the FAYZ entirely black. A will to survive and a desire to take care of those they love endure in this ravaged band, even in the bleakest moments. But in darkness, the worst fears of all emerge, and the cruelest of intentions are carried out. After so many months, is all about to be lost in the FAYZ?


My Review

What would you do if your entire world was suddenly plunged into darkness? This is the fate which befalls the kids of Perdido Beach in this fifth installment in the Gone Series. With darkness comes fear and with fear, chaos.

The Darkness, the mysterious entity trapped beneath the old mining town, is weakening. It needs to be born in order to survive. With its greatest enemy now virtually powerless, it turns its sights on its one and only chance of breaking free. An unborn child.

Sam. Caine. Edilio. Albert. Leaders of the FAYZ. Scattered. Powerless. Faced with the horrifying combination of an endless night and an otherworldly monster, can they work together to save Perdido Beach, or will they fail and succumb to the Fear?

Fear is a fine edition to the series, but it's not nearly as good as Plague was. It may be the story has simply been stretched too thin. Very few series can manage to not only hold up under the strain of multiple installments, but to get better with each new release. Gone has managed to do both, until now. Not to say Fear is bad a book, it isn't, it simply lacks the sense of mounting tension, drama, and character development which graced the previous books.

I feel as if all has been said which could be said. Much as I have enjoyed the series, much as I love (or despise) the characters, I think it might have been best if this were the final book. Maybe Light, which actually is the final book in the series, will change my mind. I hope so. I hate to end a series I've become so fond of on a disappointed note. That said, I'm looking forward to seeing how everything comes out.


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