Monday, January 2, 2012

Shadow Prince

I finished the final draft of Shadow Prince: Book Two in the Time of Shadows Series. All it needs now is a quick look over and it will be ready to send off to my editor. It's always so exciting to finish a new book, but a little sad too. At least I don't have to say goodbye to my characters yet, as I still have three more books to write for the series. I'll start the third book, Shadow King, tomorrow.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well, here it is the New Year, 2012, so I thought I'd put in an update on what's going on with my novels.

Flight of Dragons:      All ebooks are half off until tomorrow, so if you haven't picked up a copy of my book yet, today would be a good time. Use coupon code BXDY2011 at the checkout for your discount.

Shadow of the Dragon: Going to have to email these people and see what's up. I should have an editor by now.

Shadow Born: Time Of Shadows Series Book One: Coming December 2012, Double Dragon Books.

Firebrand: Ten Kingdoms Trilogy Book One: Still waiting for a response. If they aren't interested, I'm thinking of self publishing this one.

Elfblood: Elfblood Trilogy Book One: Coming July 2012, Champagne Books.

The Silver Catacombs: Elblood Trilogy Book Two: Still waiting for a reply, I expect they'll take it since they took the first one.

Shadow Prince: Time Of Shadows Series Book Two: Nine chapters into the final draft. Doesn't sound like much, but the book only has ten chapters. They are very long chapters. Very long. I expect to finish the book this week. Great way to start off the new year.

Ten Kingdoms: Ten Kingdoms Trilogy Book Two: Three chapters into the second draft.

Dragonstar: Twenty-Five chapters into the first draft.

Web Of Light: Finished the first draft, Whoo hoo. Book is now on ice for a week before I begin the next draft.

City Of Magic: Elfblood Triolgy Book Three: Three chapters into the first draft.