Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cover Reveal: Nightmare In The Shadows by Stephanie Brown

*Cover Reveal!* 
Nightmare in the Shadows, releasing on April 15, 2016 with Blue Deco Publishing. A debut, horror novel by Stephanie Brown.


Newspaper journalist, Colleen Stevens, is enjoying a relaxing vacation visiting her father in Brines, Mo. when she's called into work. A local serial killer from the area is arrested, and Colleen is asked to sit in on the interviews, only to find out by the request of the murderer, herself.

Stay on the job or walk? That's what Colleen has to ask herself when she learns that the killer may have the information she is seeking in her mother's death a decade prior. But can she stick with it once she and those she loves are threatened? Will she risk everything in search of the truth? Or will the dark recesses of the path to the truth be too frightening to wade through?

Murder is a dangerous business.

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