Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Release: What The Heart Wants by Kyra Dune


A boy on the run

Patrick left the second realm looking for a chance at a better future. What he found instead was that a teenager out on the streets doesn't have many options when it comes to survival. A chance encounter with a girl at a club brings new hope into his life. Until one night in a dark park when everything he's trying to build gets shattered.

A girl with a wild side

Meagan has it all. Beauty. Wealth. The freedom to do as she pleases. People are disposable and life is a ride she intends to enjoy to its fullest. Then she meets a kid off the streets and her already chaotic life spins out of control. This one she wants to keep. No matter what she has to do to make sure he stays.

Two hearts on a collision course

What started out as a game becomes so much more. And when a Guardian shows up to take Patrick back to the second realm, the teens hatch a desperate plot. In the end, blood will flow. The only question is, whose blood will it be?