Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Books: Update

Flight Of Dragons: ebook: print: (Fantasy/Adventure) Video trailer:

Shadow Born: Time Of Shadows Book One: ebook: print: (Epic Fantasy) Video trailer:
Elfblood: Elfblood Book One: ebook: (YA Urban Fantasy) Video Trailer:

Shadow Of The Dragon: Coming December 2012   (YA Epic Fantasy)

The Silver Catacombs: Elfblood Book Two: Coming February 2013 (YA Urban Fantasy)
City Of Magic: Elfblood Book Three: Coming August 2013 (YA Urban Fantasy)
Shadow Prince: Time Of Shadows Book Two: Coming 2013 (Epic Fantasy)
Shadow King: Time Of Shadows Book Three: Coming 2014 (Epic Fantasy)
Firebrand: Firebrand Book One: Coming 2013 (YA Sword & Sorcery)
Ten Kingdoms: Firebrand Book Two: Coming 2014 (YA Sword & Sorcery)
Dragonstar: Release Date Unknown  (YA Epic Fantasy)

Rise Of The Watchtower: Time Of Shadows Book Four (Epic Fantasy)
Dragons Of War: Firebrand Book Three (YA Sword & Sorcery)
The Black Mountain: Dragonstar Sequel (YA Epic Fantasy)
Angel (Working Title) (Urban Fantasy)
Web Of Light (Epic Fantasy)


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