Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Book Review: A Not So Singular World by Patrick Hatt

On Jeremiah's birthday he finds his whole world turned upside down.  He's hit by a car that appears out of nowhere, told he has cancer (or doesn't), gets chased by government type henchmen and a nutty bounty hunter with a love of music, and meets the girl of his dreams.  Everybody's after Jeremiah and as a couple of power hungry gods join the chase things just get weirder and weirder.  Can Jeremiah survive long enough to learn the secrets of his heritage and save the world, or will he lose the new family he's found?

I really liked the story of this book but I didn't care much for the writing style. There was a lot of head hopping going on within the scenes which left me a little confused. And there were a number of times when I couldn't tell who was talking because of a lack of dialogue tags. There were a couple of cool fight scenes and I liked the characters (especially Puck even though he wasn't in the story much).  But there were an awful lot of people 'noticing' things like other people's expressions or even actions and I found that annoying.  

So, even though I liked the story and the characters, because of the writing style I wouldn't read anymore of the series.

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