Monday, August 25, 2014

Book Review: Hotel Apocalypse Volume Three by Bennett Gavrish


Hotel Apocalypse is an action-packed dystopian adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world. One corporation controls the last shelter on Earth, and those inside are subject to its laws and lies. With each episode, you'll uncover more of the tower's mysteries and get to know the group of heroes fighting for a brighter tomorrow.

Volume III contains the following four episodes:

Episode 9: A Reunion with the World
Episode 10: Miracles Below the Earth
Episode 11: The Map to Anywhere
Episode 12: NK ARCH


My Review

The action revs up in Volume Three of the Hotel Apocalypse saga. After crashing out of the tower, Leo and Chester discover a secret so shocking that NextGen would do anything to keep it quite. Golden robots, invisible fences rigged with bombs, and a blast from the past are only a few of the hurdles thrown in Leo's way as he struggles to return to the tower in order to rescue his son. But after running into someone he never even knew existed, but who seems to know an awful lot about him, Leo discovers there is much more at stake than the life of a single child. The future of humanity rests on the shoulders of Leo and a small group of rebels hell bent on destroying a man who seeks to rule the world.

Hotel Apocalypse is a saga filled with human emotion, despair, and hope in a world ravaged by violent storms. The tension lies in the human condition and the struggle to rise up against injustice and evil. With each installment, the violence escalates as inevitable war draws closer. Can Leo and his friends end NextGen's reign of terror, or will they become its next victims?


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