Sunday, August 24, 2014

Book Review: Hotel Apocalypse Volume Two by Bennett Gavrish


Hotel Apocalypse is an action-packed dystopian adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world. One corporation controls the last shelter on Earth, and those inside are subject to its laws and lies. With each episode, you'll uncover more of the tower's mysteries and get to know the group of heroes fighting for a brighter tomorrow.

Volume II contains the following four episodes:

Episode 5: The Room Where No One Sleeps
Episode 6: Storms of Separation
Episode 7: The Ultimate Sacrifice
Episode 8: Generations


My Review

In this second installment in the Hotel Apocalypse saga, the story picks up where it was left off in Volume One, in the aftermath of the questionable death of a Denture. Certain members of the Surge, a small rebellious faction within the tower controlled by the megacorporation NextGen, seek to take what was intended to be a peaceful union of Dentures to a more lethal level. But the group is split on the issue. Until tragedy strikes and makes even the least violent of them question whether or not freedom can really be attained without bloodshed.

In Volume Two, we get some nice backstory on both Leo and Oliver. While this installment begins at the same slow, steady pace as the first, it is never sluggish or dull. This post apocalyptic vision of America is grim and dark, with things only getting worse for the enslaved Dentures at every turn. The impending birth of a child brings hope for the future, but it's an uncertain kind of hope. If things in the tower can't be changed, this unborn child's life is destined to be the same bleak existence as his parents suffer.

New and shocking truths are revealed at every turn. The pace of the story builds steadily to a sweeping, action packed conclusion that will leave you breathless and desperate for Volume Three. For fans of post apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, Hotel Apocalypse is a can't miss.



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