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Book Blitz: Dark Prophet by K.N. Lee*

Vampires, and angels, and demons...oh my! Download the international bestseller by award-winning author, K.N. Lee for free today. And don't keep this fantastic event a secret. Share it with your friends! 

Book Two of the Best-Selling Novel, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld 

Not all vampires are created equal... 
Koa is a half-blood vampire with not only the ability to fly, but survive in the sun's light. She will do anything to protect her mother, and break her curse. The demon, Bund, wants more than her mother's life. He wants something from Koa, a power that she doesn't even know she has, and will rip through as many humans as he can to get her to surrender. 

Agent Koa Ryeo-won, and her boss, Halston, formed a crew of supernatural agents to stop Bund. But is a prophet, a temptress, a War-Breeder, a half-blood with an enchanted sword, and a few angels enough to stop what Bund has planned? 

In the midst of a war between the humans of the mortal world, and the creatures of the Netherworld, Koa discovers the truth of her past. She finds herself torn between two men, and in the center of everything. Faced with all of her returned memories, Koa also finds herself more powerful than ever. Being a half-blood is hard enough, but what exactly is Koa's other half? 

The truth can save...or destroy everything. 

Will the Netherworld Division stand behind Koa once they learn her secret? 

**Bonus Material** 
Chapter 1 of K.N. Lee's young adult fantasy, Academia of the Beast! 

5 out of 5 stars
Amazon verified editorial review

The Best Sequel Novel I've Ever Read--Period
"When I finished reading K.N. Lee's "The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld," I remember the anticipation which began to build from that moment for the story I knew was coming.

Well, "Dark Prophet: Book Two of the Chronicles of Koa" certainly did not disappoint. Koa and Halston are back, better than ever. It sets a precedent for me to finish reading fictional works the very same day I start them, but that's EXACTLY what happened this afternoon. An original, detailed plot--unique characters a reader finds themselves investing in readily--true hang-on-for-dear-life action--this book has it ALL. Lee writes in such a way she engages her audience from the opening sentence. I'm thrilled to say I've seen it happen twice now.

At this point, allow me to make something crystal clear: I'm not the type of reader who simply decides to review written material with the coveted 5-Star Rating just because others have before me. That's just not "how I roll". But, as I mentioned above, I'd already seen Lee's talent with her first Koa publication; Dark Prophet validates my anticipation. Five stars? By all rights, there SHOULD be a 5-Star PLUS designation specifically for K.N. Lee.

There's already a legion of fans out there who share my opinion.

Join us, and get this book, folks.

It's that simple."
Michael Holman, the author of Resolve and Retribution*

Exclusive Excerpt:
Koa glanced at Jax and Evina. Neither seemed surprised that their father would have them killed, just to rule in the human world. Koa didn’t like how this was going. Her jaw clenched. Fury started to rise within her belly. She did not know if she would be able to control herself. Her hate for Lera was stronger that her patience.
Koa drew her Lyrinian sword and waited. She counted a dozen soldiers, took stock of what weapons they carried, and prepared for an inevitable battle.
Her stomach bubbled with anticipation. The heat and power of the sword coursed up her arm and filled her veins. She felt strong. The sword gave her courage. She wanted their blood to cover the blade. The sword begged her, like an impatient child.
Gimme! Gimme! Koa imagined it saying to her. It did have a mind of its own, and when drawn, it had an unquenchable thirst for blood.
Lera’s dark gaze landed on Koa. Her grin faded and her lips curled into a snarl.
“You,” she growled. Lera’s face seemed to grow dark as she glared at Koa.
Koa flinched at the look of evil in that woman’s eyes. Her mouth couldn’t form the words that she wanted to say. She wanted to say something snarky like Evina, but her history with the vampire queen was a traumatic one. Instead she looked down at the blade and to Jax.
Jax sensed the tension and moved to put an arm out. Koa looked confused as he pushed her behind him.
Koa raised a brow as Lera licked her daggers. The sharp blade slit her tongue and she let the blood increase their power. “Out of my way, Jax. The half-blood and I have unfinished business.”
Koa’s heart quickened as Lera flew forward. Lera was so quick that Koa barely saw her form cut through the dark.
Koa simply reacted.
And Koa… was quicker.
Koa didn’t mean to do it. It was purely instinctual, but she gripped her sword’s hilt with both hands and ducked beneath Jax’s outstretched arm. She sliced across the air and through both of Lera’s legs with all of the strength within her body. Bone was sawed through and blood sprayed into the air and onto Koa’s white face.
The smell of burning flesh wafted into Koa’s nostrils, and the sound of Lera’s scream thundered in her ears. The Lyrinian sword’s blade glowed brighter, redder.
Koa looked up. There were still at least a dozen more bodies to let it feast upon.
Gimme! Gimme!
Koa ground her teeth as she flew past and looked back at the screaming vampire queen as she reached for her bloodied knees in horror.
The soldiers, Jax, and Evina, watched Lera fall down to the black ground below.
Jax’s eyes slowly rose to meet hers. His jaw still hung in surprise.
Koa cleared her throat and nodded to the soldiers. “Well, are we killing them and escaping or not?” Drunk off of adrenaline and the intoxicating power of the Lyrinian sword, Koa dove into the frenzy of battle.
She never looked back, but she heard Evina’s battle cry and the clashing of steel against steel behind her.
Koa was never a tidy fighter. She was more of a wild animal, uncaring about how she killed a foe, only that they died as quickly and effectively as possible.
And so, her sword was used as merely an extension of her arm. With wide movements, she flung her arm in a circle and sliced through one soldier’s belly. She grabbed the next closest soldier by the back of his head with her free hand and kneed him in the face, shattering his jaw. He fell from his disc and went crashing to the ground.
Koa grinned almost evilly. How dare they try to fight her in her element? No other vampire could fly, and their discs were not as reliable as her body.
She grunted as a dagger stabbed her in the side. Eyes wide with rage, she caught a female vamp’s arm and twisted it out of its socket. The soldier cried out. Then, Koa grabbed her by her long hair and flew with great speed higher into the black sky. The soldier’s flying disc hovered in the same spot below.
She grabbed Koa by the jaw and shouted at her in a language that she only understood vaguely. Netherworld dialect was burned somewhere in the dark recesses of her mind that she’d tried to forget, but she understood one word.
Like a cruel executioner, Koa sliced through her neck with her sword. She held the vamp’s head by her hair and watched her body fall lifeless below. Then, in Netherworld dialect she spoke to her severed head, bringing its empty eyes close to her face.
“No mercy.”

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