Friday, August 29, 2014

Book Review: Whisper by Heather Hildenbrand


The Cherokee believe when a person dies, their soul is reborn. Life is repeated. An endless cycle of lessons to be learned, love to be found, destiny to be fulfilled. For the past six months, in every flower, every bird, I’ve imagined my parents, relieved of their human forms.

Now, after five months at the Skye View Wellness Center, it was summer. A time for parties and friends, but that’s the last thing I want to do. So when my best friend Erin convinces me to attend a bonfire at Eagle Point, I can’t handle the crowd full of sympathetic stares or drunken class clowns who would use my tragedy as a way into my heart – or my pants. The solitude of the woods offers an escape, until I stumble upon a boy, unconscious and bleeding, his pockets stuffed not with identification but with poetry illustrating the beauty of dying. I’ve seen enough death. I will not leave this boy’s side.

Even after he wakes, when the only thing he can remember are visions of events that haven’t happened yet…


My Review

Whisper has suffered much after the deaths of her parents. When she stumbles across an unconscious boy in the woods, every instinct she has screams for her to rescue him. And more, to stay at his side no matter what anybody thinks, or how strange things may get. Even when he wakes with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there. This is a tale of love and loss. Of destiny and magic. Secrets abound. Secrets which tie Whisper and Dylan to a haunted past of darkness and blood.

At first, this seems an ordinary story of a girl trying to cope with the death of her parents, but things slowly take a turn into the realm of the supernatural. Dylan and Whisper share visions of things they shouldn't be able to remember. Visions of the past. And as Dylan slowly regains his memory, the shocking truth comes out. I don't want to say too much and give anything away, but the turn this story took truly surprised me. It's a unique and entertaining tale that had me on the edge of my seat wondering how it was all going to turn out.

I loved the characters. Wounded and kind hearted Whisper, strong and gentle Dylan, wise Lydia, stoic Tinker, dependable if a bit erratic Erin, and even flawed Teagan. Theirs is a story with a slow build up and a descent that will take your breath away.


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