Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Book Review: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

A man uses a tear in the space/time continuum to go back and try to stop the assassination of President John Kennedy.

As  always, King delivers a story that leaps off the pages. Jake Epping travels back in time to 1958, there to live out a life with the main goal of saving President Kennedy. But the past is obdurate and fights each change Jake makes. The bigger the change, the harder the fight. Through victory and failure, violence and love, each breath Jake takes in the past causes ripples across time. Every action has a consequence. And in the end, he may find that things really do happen for a reason.
This is in part a love story and a very touching and sad one. It's also a story about making mistakes and suffering the consequences. And, like all King's books, it's a story about people. Would you change the past if you could? More importantly, should you? 11/22/63 delivers enough action and romance, and even a little comedy, to please anyone.

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