Friday, February 8, 2013

Blogger Book Fair: Day Two

Hi and welcome to the second day of the Blogger Book Fair. I'm Kyra Dune, an author of fantasy novels for both adults and YA. Today, I'll be giving away a kindle version of the first book in my High Fantasy Series, Time of Shadows. The first person to make a comment on this post wins. Later, I'll be posting an interview with author Noree Cosper and an author interview with Shannon McRoberts.

Daemon uth Friesard finds himself forced into marriage with a stranger in order to stop a war between their kingdoms. There is nothing he wants more than to make a marriage, and a family, work with his new bride. But a beautiful minstrel may prove too much a temptation.

Clayden Kiel is confident a marriage between his king and the princess of a neighboring kingdom is the surest way to prevent a war. As time passes, the revelation of prophetic dreams causes him to suspect he has prevented one war, only to bring about another. Clayden must seek to find a way to avoid such a thing. But will his actions stop the war, or cause it?

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