Sunday, June 11, 2017

Shadow Born by Kyra Dune

Daemon uth Friesard was never meant to be king. As the youngest of three royal sons, he should have been free to live the life of his choosing. It was tragedy that drove him into the role. A role he is ill prepared to handle.
With all the pressures of a kingdom standing at the brink of war weighing down on him, Daemon follows the advice of his closest friend and arranges a marriage with an enemy princess in the hopes of attaining peace.
Clayden Kiel took on the role of High Priest at an early age. As the kingdom's sole connection to their patron god, it's a role he takes very seriously. So seriously that a few words written by his former mentor in a journal were enough to push him into distancing himself from the only friend he's ever had.
His hopes are that Daemon's marriage will not only bring peace to the kingdom, but give the king someone else to turn to in times of need. A greater threat than war with their neighbor is hanging over Phalindros and Clayden would do anything to keep that threat at bay. Even turning his back on the most important person in his life.
But the path to the future is never clear, and the gods play at a game mortals cannot hope to understand. 

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