Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book Promo: Kesh by Ralph Wahlstrom


Kesh was a scrawny kid, too small to play football, too short for basketball, and not great at sports in general. The other old boys would goad him, "Go home. Does your mother know you're not in your crib?" Once, he found a baby bottle and a rattle in his locker. Another time someone had left a dirty diaper in his backpack.

Worst of all, girls talked about him like he was a puppy. They would say, "Oh, he's just so cute." He was tired of being small, and cute, and left out, but Kesh's size was not the only thing different about him. He was smart, and he saw and heard things others couldn't, and he was about to be thrust into a world of myth and danger.

The old Ojibwe prophecy had foretold, "The air and waters will run with poison." Twelve-year-old Kesh Jones would soon learn that it was more than a story. The Garou Chemical plant outside town held deep, disturbing secrets, and its owner, Louis Garou, would stop at nothing to destroy anything that got in his way. Kesh and his friends soon found themselves fighting for their lives and their world.

To save their city and the world, Kesh must discover the coyote spirit inside, and, with his friends Jesse and Kiran beside him, find the courage to lead a strange army into battle against the power of evil.


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