Saturday, February 27, 2016

Skeleton Crew by Stephen King

The Mist: 4 STARS
Here There Be Tygers: 2 STARS
The Monkey: 4 STARS
Cain Rose Up: 2 STARS
Mrs. Todd's Shortcut: 3 STARS
The Jaunt: 4 STARS
The Wedding Gig: 3 STARS
Paranoid: A Chant: 2 STARS
The Raft: 3 STARS
Word Processor Of The Gods: 3 STARS
The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands: 3 STARS
Beachworld: 3 STARS
The Reaper's Image: 4 STARS
Nona: 4 STARS
For Owen: 2 STARS
Survivor Type: 1 STAR
Uncle Otto's Truck: 3 STARS
Morning Deliveries: 3 STARS
Big Wheels: A Tale Of The Laundry Game: 3 STARS
Gramma: 4 STARS
The Ballad Of The Flexible Bullet: 4 STARS
The Reach: 3 STARS

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