Thursday, February 25, 2016

Book Promo: Coma Hell by Kevin Wimer


Jack Roberts awakens from what he was told would be nothing more than a routine sinus surgery. There is never anything routine with any surgery. Jack never gave that a thought and he should have. Jack might have changed his life and been a better man. 

The panic beeping sound of alarms echoed with a flurry of activity around Jack’s hospital bed. The scream of a nurse calling for a doctor. The voice of a doctor yelling we are losing him and for everyone to stand back. 

The bright flashing red hot light seared through Jack’s body as the world around him spun out of control. The voice of the doctor now tense with anger as his words echoed through Jack’s head. The only word that Jack could make out was coma. 

Jack was now lost in the darkened world that would become his very own private hell. 


Jack blinked his eyes a few times against the cold wind. He could feel the stinging pain of them drying out with the cold air that was now hitting his face. He felt her touch, colder than the wind, colder than any winter he’d ever lived through. Joanna dragged her nails across his bare flesh with the tips of them digging into his soft pinkish flesh. Jack wanted to scream but felt his voice going away from him.
Joanna looked at him and laughed. The laugh was not of this world and it rocked him to his core. He felt true fear, something he had not felt since being a little child. Jack was the kind of kid who would go and ride all of the big scary rides at the fair, trying to show off how tough he was. It wasn’t the rides that scared him, there were other things, things in the dark that you couldn’t see. He had a flashback to a clown with buck teeth and cruel, musty breath. The clown was helping each rider put their belts on, making sure that they were secure in the ride. Jack looked up at him and asked what the ride was like, the clown laughed a laugh that Jack had never heard before or since that night at the fair until this very moment.
The thought of that time sent a gripping fear over Jack’s body. He looked at Joanna standing there, running her bony fingers across his chest and down to his waist, gripping his manhood tightly. Jack winced in pain to the sound of laughter.


Kevin has always been a creative person, whether it was drawing or writing. The computer age was a gift, no more writing in notebooks and hoping that the ink wouldn't smudge. Kevin began writing as a teen and on into his adult life. 

Kevin's first adventure into writing was while in high school. It was a ten minute break between classes that Kevin discovered the joys of writing horror. It was a Halloween themed short story that help spawn him into many other areas of writing. 

Kevin enjoys writing Sci-Fi, Horror, Zombie, Vampire, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance and whatever else his mind can come up with to create.

Kevin also believes that every story is a good story and every story should be told.

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