Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Book Promo: Blood, Lust and Love by Sheri Velarde

Writing is a very solitary business. It’s just you and your computer and all the crazy characters running around in your mind. Sometimes I think it is this solitary nature of my job that leads me to write characters that are lonely and in search of companionship. I am putting some of the loneliness that I sometimes feel into my characters, letting them find peace helps me as well.
This certainly held true for all three stories in my vampire collection of shorts. In each story the characters are victims of their own loneliness, they are all searching for something more in their lives. Be it a lover, revenge, companionship, everyone is looking for something from someone else. Humans aren’t solitary creatures and neither are characters.
To me, the job of an author is to convey real human emotions, where they are writing about elves, aliens, vampires or anything else. Reading and writing is the conveying of words and emotions between people. All stories have emotions of some kind in them, even if it is the lack of them in cyborgs or something of the like. Making the story real means making the reader care and the characters to care on some level as well. It is not an easy task I can tell you, yet I continue to try to hone my craft by putting my own thought and feelings into my characters and seeing where it takes me and my readers.

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Three vampire stories in one collection for the first time!

In Under a Ring of Fire, everything changes for Jackie thanks to an eclipse of the sun. She is a dying woman, living what's left of her life in misery. One night, one mysterious guest and she will be forever altered. Is this her chance to live at last?

In Curse of the Blood, not even service to his king in time of war could prepare Melvil for the pleasurable evil he would suffer at the hands of Honnor. One act of kindness dooms him to a life that he never wanted.

In Alone No More, the tortured Melvil is back, living a life of penance. One night he saves a young woman from ghouls and sees hope for the first time in years. Ella is a woman alone in life, until a mysterious Frenchman saves her from more than ghouls.

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