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The First Paragraph: Books by S. M. Knowles


            THE NIGHT IS dark as Courtney tosses and turns, sheets twisting around her legs with every fling of her body. Another bad dream about her mother fills the darkness. Her emotions frizzled and life moving down a slippery slope any young adult would love to stay clear of. Sitting up, she reaches for a glass of water situated on the table beside her bed. She takes a gulp, feeling the cool water slide down her throat and into her stomach. The only satisfying feeling she’s felt in weeks, months, or years for that matter.


Unusual Awakening (Book 1):

EXQUISITE SHADES OF gold and orange adorn the tables and counters in the kitchen. Quaint little leaves outline the overlooks on top of the cabinets with a pattern of little twigs branching out. A large cornucopia is bursting out on the dinner table with spurts of fresh, bright vegetables and mouthwatering fruits. October has finally arrived. My mother’s seasonal decorating skills never fail.


Awakening Dream (Book 2):

             Darkness monopolizes the room. A putrid smell burns my nose hairs, shocking me with each inhalation of breath. The pungent odor of a dead animal, rotting, fills my lungs. I pull my t-shirt over my nose to filter out the odor, but no such luck. My hands are needed elsewhere, and my shirt falls back into place.


Dream Ending (Book 3):

            “ARE WE THERE yet?” both girls sing in unison.

“We will be there shortly,” Mom states matter-of-factly.

Continuing to look forward, I see Mom eyeing me from the side. My phone buzzes in my pocket, but I try to avoid it. I have a feeling something important is about to be said.

“You know,” she inhales while searching for her words. “This will be a fun experience for you.” Still looking at me, she opens her eyes fairly wide while lifting her eyebrows. “Rylee?”

I glance over to her before returning my gaze back at the front of the road. “Mom! Look out!” Covering my head, I cower closer to the door, peeking through my arm.

Ending Unusual (Book 4):

            THE GENTLE BREEZE blows in from a cracked window, bringing in the aroma of a crisp fall breeze as sunshine cloaks the chill in the air. A group of people sit around a massive, rough wooden table staring at each other. Tension continuously grows stronger amongst each member as everyone sits, scrutinizing each other. The gigantic room remains quiet and desolate from no sound. One could hear a pin drop and possibly jump from the torture of the little sound it’d make.


Summer Fling (Short Story):

            “Two tickets to Australia, please.” Lucretzia eyes the lady at the ticket counter, reaching her arm out with her credit card in hand.

With a stretched out smile, the woman looks at her with doe eyes. “Great. How many?”

“My friend and I.” Lucretzia thumbs back to Daenery, who is standing almost beside her.

“Perfect. I will just need to get your passports.”

Both girls dig in their purses, fumbling around for their ticket out of the United States. Just a long getaway for the two of them. Enough time to let heartache relieve itself and long enough for family drama to simmer down.

“Here’s mine!” Daenery holds her passport up in the air as she looks over her massive, Louis Vuitton sunglasses.

Lucretzia lets out a loud sigh as she continues digging. “Why didn’t I clean this damn purse out before we left today?”

The woman at the counter patiently waits on the final passport so she can book the flights. She eyes Lucretzia again, pulling her eyebrows together. “Have we met before?”




 S.M. Knowles
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