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The First Paragraph: Books by Kyra Dune

Crossfire (Crossfire #1) Urban Fantasy

The digital clock read six fifteen when Angel rolled out of bed. She grabbed her pistol from the night stand, then stood by the bed in a tank top and panties, listening to the sounds of the house. Once she was sure nothing was out of place, she stepped into the hall. From here she could see the living room and part of the kitchen. The bar gleamed white in the glow from the recessed lighting in the cabinets above.


Firestorm (Crossfire #2) Urban Fantasy

The sweltering summer sun made heat waves shimmer across the dirty chrome and rusted steel of the junkyard cars. Damian, wearing nothing but a faded pair of blue jeans, dozed in a battered deck chair. Paul’s golden retriever lay sprawled on the ground beside him.


Dragon Within (Dragon Within #1) YA Urban Fantasy

Two weeks before the start of the school year, my family and friends gathered together under the tallest tree in Brenner Park to celebrate my sixteenth birthday. Pink and white balloons were tied to a picnic table, in the center of which sat a three layer chocolate cake with pink and white frosting. The numbers one and six, surrounded by little pink roses, were stuck on top. Don’t make faces, my mom picked all that stuff out, not me. I guess she meant well, even if it did look like we were having a party for a five year old.


Chasing The Whirlwind (Dragon Within #2) YA Urban Fantasy

I’ve been nervous lots of times in my life. Like in second grade, when I had to get up on stage in front of a crowded auditorium to recite my lines for the school play. I only had three, but I was so scared I would get them wrong and everybody would laugh at me.


Dragonstar (Dragonstar #1) YA Epic Fantasy

Dagen crouched low behind the wooden barrels, his nose filled with the stench of rotting garbage. His heart was beating fast, but it was more from the run than from fear. Mostly, he was annoyed with himself for having turned down a blind end alley. He knew every inch of Durst inside out. He never should have allowed himself to get trapped.


The Black Mountain (Dragonstar #2) YA Epic Fantasy

Dagen leaned back against the rough canvas side of the wagon and stared out at the green meadowland rolling away behind him. The constant bouncing and jouncing was starting to get on his nerves but the sun was setting and that meant they would be stopping to make camp for the night.


Elfblood (Elfblood #1) YA Dystopian Fantasy

2013 iBookstore Breakout Book


The night was silent and starless, the sky hidden beneath charcoal clouds, so quiet Charlie could hear the horses moving about within their stalls. He crouched low by the side of the stable, his heart beating erratically, and thought to himself that this was the stupidest thing he had ever done.


The Silver Catacombs (Elfblood #2) YA Dystopian Fantasy

2013 1st place winner ASMSG Author Contest


Summer was fading into fall, bringing a hint of winter’s chill to the nights and early mornings. Charlie lay with his head rested on his backpack and watched the gray sky shading toward the golden hues of dawn. The alley in which he’d spent the night was still and silent, except for the soft snores of Spree, who was curled up on his chest.


City of Magic (Elfblood #3) YA Dystopian Fantasy

Charlie Harmondy sat on a cold stone block beneath a gray sky and held a torn piece of his shirt to the bleeding wound on the side of his head as he tried to decide what he should do. Tall stone pillars, cracked and worn, surrounded the ring of brittle grass where the stone block sat. Beyond that all he could see was more rubble.


Firebrand (Firebrand #1) YA Sword & Sorcery

Carlan sparked a blue flame and watched it dance across his fingertips. He was sitting on the far side of the hill so he couldn’t be seen from the manor house, not even from a third floor window. It might still be too close, but there were times when he tired of skulking about in the woods. After all, this was his home too.


Ten Kingdoms (Firebrand #2) YA Sword & Sorcery

Carlan sat alone on the flat roof of the two-story adobe house. Alone, not because he tired of the company of his friends, but because he needed space to think. To brood, really, and brooding is best done alone.


Dragons of War (Firebrand #3) YA Sword & Sorcery

The sun beat down without mercy on the desert kingdom of Dusk. Wind blew incessantly from the east, stirring the reddish sand high into the sky. Even so high as the gryphons were flying. Carlan drew the hood of his gray cloak down further to shield his face. Sweat made the coarse wool itch against his skin. Rinitha sat behind him in the saddle with her arms wrapped around his waist and her head against his shoulder. The pressure of her body against his back only added to his discomfort but he would never say as much.


Flight of Dragons (standalone) fantasy/adventure

I woke in darkness, with bells ringing in my ears and a hammer in my head. I was aware of wood plank beneath my back and a slow, rocking motion, but nothing else.



Higher Power (Prophecy Of The Cataclysm #1) Epic Fantasy

Anastasia knew this was not the wisest course of action, but when a person had become as desperate as she was common sense tended to be left out of the equation. With nothing else to do and nowhere else to turn, she was reduced to committing this act of treason.



Shadow of the Dragon (standalone) YA dystopian/shifter

Micayta dumped the last barrel of dishwater into the well and sealed it shut, making sure the cap on the top of the well was snug. The water was only for cleaning but they still didn’t want it freezing. Pausing to stretch her back, she stared up at the stars glittering in the night sky. Stars that seemed faded of late, as if they no longer shone as brightly as they once had. Even the moon glow seemed weaker as it glinted off the glass roof of the greenhouse behind the tavern.



Shadow Born (Time of Shadows #1) High Fantasy

Daemon stood in the shadow of the castle, watching the processional wind its way up the hill toward the castle gates. There were twelve white carriages trimmed in bronze, each led by four horses in ceremonial plume and flanked by guardsmen in gleaming chainmail.



Shadow Prince (Time of Shadows #2) High Fantasy

Flames danced in the hearth, casting a flickering light across the gray stone walls. Above the mantle, Bolsom’s portrait was draped in a white sheet. Daemon could not bear the weight of his father’s gaze on him now, no matter that it was only a painting. Bolsom was seven springs gone to ash and Daemon could still feel him standing over his shoulder, disapproving of everything he did.



Shadow King (Time of Shadows #3) High Fantasy

Winter was nearly spent and spring fast approaching. The air was still crisp, but carried on it the promise of warm and sunny days and the snow had already begun to melt. Gray sky gave way to blue as the clouds rolled on, and in the castle gardens, birds had begun to sing.


Rise Of The Watchtower (Time Of Shadows #4) High Fantasy


Brightly colored flowers adorned the crowded ballroom, filling the air with the fragrance of spring. Dignitaries from both Phalindros and Malfrey sat quietly talking as they awaited the beginning of the ceremony. Occasionally, someone would glance at the front of the room, where King Dominus stood beside a white-draped podium. He met these glances with a cool look of his ice blue eyes. More than ready for this whole thing to be over and done with, the young king had to work not to let his irritation show through.



Web of Light (Web Of Light #1) YA Epic Fantasy

The Hall of Eternal Light stood in the heart of Council Territory, high up in the lush canopy of the harmony trees. Those below strolled the plank walkways connecting the branches of the trees, going about their daily business with hardly a thought for the green glow the Hall cast upon them.



Dark Light (Web Of Light #2) YA Epic Fantasy

A dozen smooth gray stones floated in the air above the burbling brook. Seva sat on the bank enjoying the warm feeling flowing through her as she used the magic of the web. Birds sang to the evening sun, crickets chirruped in the grass, and a gentle breeze stirred the reeds by the water’s edge, making them sing.

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