Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The First Paragraph: Books by Jacqueline Patricks

Product Details'Dreams of the Queen' book 1 of The Brajj

"Darkness and cool crisp air reigned in the subterranean passages. Her eyes shut as the alien voices chanting in the distance drifted to her. Weaving its usual peaceful atmosphere, the song ensnared and relaxed her. Cass always enjoyed this part of the dream, and despite the delicate balance of comfort and claustrophobia, she gave herself over to the strange voices. They enticed her, tempting her through the passageway, and she danced forward, heedlessly drawing her fingers along the roughhewn walls."

Product Details

"Nightmares of the Queen' book 2 of The Brajj

"Lewis unlocked the door to his randomly assigned Fort Bragg apartment.

“Captain Charles Lewis, this board of inquiry has decided…”

He stepped inside and shut the door behind him, making sure to lock it.

“…that due to the lack of supporting evidence, the massive loss of life to your unit…”

He ignored the wilted leaves of the philodendron—chosen by whoever had arranged his living quarters. Only the kitchen interested him, specifically the refrigerator’s contents.

“…and the loss of the entire team of scientists who were highly regarded in their fields…”


'Destiny of the Queen' book 3 of The Brajj (work in progess)

"Everything hurt. Lying flat on his back, his bare skin chilled against a cold metal floor, Lewis shivered and opened his eyes to find a dozen plus barrels of unrecognizable rifle-sized weapons pointed down at him. They were backed up by men and women of varying colors, sizes, and ethnicities, but all wearing the same military-style white jumpsuits with unfamiliar insignia, patches, and helmets with lowered visors. With a sweeping glance, he caught a few stitched-on name badges: Howard, Xian, Brummell, Sayed, and Mehta."


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'Fairytale Apocalypse" book 1 of The Verge

The blight is spreading faster. The brown leaf crumbled in his fist. He uncurled his fingers. Its powder coated his black leather glove, releasing its final, crisp pungency before drifting away on the breeze. Kagan Donmall frowned as the dry bits scattered.

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