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Blog Tour & Book Review: The Seed Of Mankind by Sabrina James Riley

Title- Seed of Mankind 
By- Sabrina James Riley  


The Sumerians were a richly cultured civilization that thrived in Mesopotamia - the land 
between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in modern-day Iraq - for thousands of years. 

Among their other remarkable feats, the Sumerians had a deep, organized religion that 
included an entire pantheon of gods and goddesses that built the foundation for aspects of 
modern day religion. 

What if some of the most commonly known stories of our past were written by the wrong 

Zenuah is a Sumerian man who, after learning to survive in the rough Outer Lands with the 
others exiled from the great city-state of Sirpag (Shuruppak),has to make a choice. 

Either prove to his people that their gods aren't who they say they are, or let them die. 

With the help of his childhood friend, a whole family of allies, a powerful woman who steals his 
heart, and an intelligent magpie, Zenuah must stand up for what is right, no matter what it may 
cost him. 


My Review

A young man, disillusioned by the religion of his people and living as an outcast rises up against the outrageous injustices being forced upon him and his people. A young woman, bound to a life she's desperate to escape, defies her leaders in an attempt to save countless lives. Together, they find the true meaning of a life worth fighting for.

The Seed Of Mankind is a fascinating foray into the way religion can be used by those with power to subjugate those without. It also begs the question, what if your gods exist but they aren't exactly what you thought they were?

Zenuah and Aiya are two brave, kind hearted people trapped by circumstance. Their journey to find love, acceptance, and the strength to change their world is inspiring and heartwarming.

For me, this was a solid four star story until the ending. Not to say it was a bad ending, but it was a bit of a deus ex machina and I found it a little disappointing. It was an ending which didn't completely fit in with the story, in my opinion. Still, this is a good story and one well worth the read.

About the Author 

I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember; I still have a few stories I wrote in 
crayon on construction paper that I had stapled together to make a book that my mother 
saved for me.  

Luckily, I've come a long way from crayons and construction paper, and have been able to 
type up stories almost as fast as my mind can create them.  

I'm also an insanely avid reader, and along with all the award winning literature and classics 
on my shelf, I also have a penchant for the stories of other Indie authors...some of my all-time 
favorite books were self-published, and I believe that the ability to self-publish is one of the 
best things to happen to the world.  

Can you imagine all the great stories we'd probably not have access to?  

I live in Florida with my family, which includes but is not limited to: a pre-teen girl, a feisty 
just-on-the-brink-of-walking baby, and a 14 year old cattle dog who still thinks she is a puppy. 

I'm always excited to hear from readers or other authors 

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