Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Review: Crimson by Cheree Alsop

                    (Silver Series: Book 3)


Crimson, the third book of the Silver Series, is about a teenage boy who dies in a car accident and awakens a werewolf. Burdened with heavy guilt over his sister’s death in the same accident, Kaynan escapes with a blind girl named Grace who gives him purpose and direction. They seek shelter with a pack of werewolves who brave dangerous odds to help them. Kaynan is given the ultimate chance to make up for his poor decisions, but dying again might be the only way to redeem himself.


My Review

The theme of the redeeming power of love continues to run through the Silver Series with the third installment, Crimson. Kaynan is a different sort of werewolf from the others in the series because he was turned into a werewolf rather than being born as one. This story follows his struggle to come to terms with what he's become and to find a way to leave behind the destructive behavior which led to his death. To help him along is Grace, yet another kind hearted and gentle female character whose main purpose seems to be supporting the male characters.

I don't have any problem with soft female characters, but the girls in this series are starting to blur together. The character I have the biggest problem with is Taye. She's an alpha female, and yet all she does is hang back with the other females waiting around to tend to the boys after a fight. Even Brock, a human, gets in on the action, but not any of the girls.

The main character in the next book is a girl, so I'm holding out hope she'll provide some much needed diversity among the female characters.

I still like the sweet romance in these stories and the idea that no matter how broken a person is, they can always be mended. These are good stories full of danger and heartbreak, joy and love, and everything in between.


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