Sunday, February 23, 2014

Book Review: Black by Cheree Alsop

                                     (The Silver Series: Book 2)


Black, the second book in The Silver Series, is about a werewolf raised through the atrocities of a werewolf fighting ring. He is rescued and given the chance at a new life, but haunting reminders of his past follow him as he tries to make a fresh start. He has to confront his dark history in order to protect the girl he loves, or let himself be swept away into the pain and humiliation of the arena once more.


My Review

The first book in the series, Silver, was by no means light, but Black is way darker. Here, we follow Jet as he is stolen from his parents and raised in the brutal world of werewolf death matches. Forced to fight and kill from the age of seven, by the time Jet becomes a teenager is a deeply scarred and broken individual.

Jet's journey to find some way to live any kind of normal life is heartwarming and intense. The past keeps coming back to try and steal away what little happiness he can find, but his determination to hold onto what goodness is still within him will leave you cheering him on. This is a flawed person whose instincts to fight and kill have been deeply engrained, but through Jet's story we find that even the most broken souls can be redeemed.

If you enjoy YA paranormal with darkly intense themes and characters you can't help but love, then you'll definitely want to check this one out.


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