Friday, December 21, 2012

Book Review: A Plague Of Knives by James Silke

In this fourth book in the Death Dealer Series, Gath decides to return to Robin and the Grillards. But the nymph queen, Tiyy, the Black Veshta, is also seeking Robin who now carries the power of the White Veshta. And Tiyy has an army at her back.

At a gathering of travelling performers in Whitetree Castle, Brown John intends to reveal Robin as the White Veshta. But his plans go awry when the castle is attacked by Tiyy and her army. There's plenty of excitement in this book and the fights scenes are epic as always in this series. Tiyy and Robin are kind of one dimensional as characters. I don't see Robin growing up any as the series progresses. Gath is of course an awesome killing machine. I love his battle scenes. But his character has grown some from the man Robin found living underground in book one. He doesn't just slash his way through the enemies, this time he has a few clever tricks as well. And his devotion to Robin is touching.

All in all I think this one is the best of the four.

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