Sunday, December 23, 2012

About My Novels

One of the questions I get asked most often as a writer is, "What are your books about?" My reply is to mumble something about dragons, blush, and look at the floor. Not the best response, but I'm rather shy in person and when this question comes up my mind tends to go blank. So, since I'm a better writer than I am a talker, I thought I'd take a moment to tell you what my books are about.

Flight Of Dragons: Charles gets shanghaied by a crazed sea captain and pressed into leading the hunt for a dragon across the homeland that he fled years before. What he finds is a past he tried to leave behind and a threat that endangers the life of every living thing in the place he once called home.

Shadow Of The Dragon: Micayta and Pytaki, two siblings whose world is gripped in an endless winter, must flee their home after a dragon's attack. During their flight, they meet a mysterious stranger. Is he an ally or an enemy? Micayta isn't sure, but she'll have to face a secret from her past and learn to trust again, or her world will die.

Time Of Shadows Series (A five book series): The Dark God, Ryu, seeks to re-enter the world of men through a portal that's been locked for centuries, while the God of Light, Basale, seeks to stop him. Caught in the middle of this battle between the gods are the men and women of the kingdom of Phalindros. The mortals are like pieces on a chessboard and each god moves his pieces as they try to outmaneuver each other. But the humans can only be influenced so far before free will kicks in. Free will is the wild card. Will the humans walk the paths the gods intended, or will they choose their own way? The gods can see much further than the humans, but even they can't see how the game will end. (Book One)

Elfblood Trilogy: Charlie's life is complicated enough being a soldier's orphan in a home for boys. Being an elfblood, one descended of a slave elf and a human, doesn't help, but at least he can keep that a secret. Until war comes knocking on his door. Charlie's life, and the lives of his friends, get turned upside down when they're dragged off to a prison work camp. But that's only the beginning. As Charlie struggles to control his own wild magic, he and his friends are drawn into a desperate quest to stop a mad king from setting off a chain of events that will end with the world in flames. Through hope and betrayal, love and loss, Charlie will be drawn to his destiny. A destiny he never could have imagined.  (Book One)

Firebrand Trilogy: Jada and Carlan are firebrands, those with the ability to create and control fire. They are also members of the two most powerful noble Houses in the Ten Kingdoms. When kidnapping and murder turn their entitled lives upside down, they must both struggle to shed who they are and become who they can be. Because there is a plot brewing behind the scenes, a plot to overthrow the Ten Kingdoms, and it will be up to Jada and Carlan to stop it. (First book coming in 2013)

Dragonstar Duology: Dagen is a thief and a good one. At least he thinks so. But he has aspirations for so much more. After making the score of a lifetime -a case full of rare jewelry- he expects all his dreams to come true. Then reality comes crashing down on him. Together with two other young thieves, Dagen finds himself on the run. Only Dagen has no idea that one of the stolen pieces of jewelry is the fabled Draginstar and his life is about to be altered forever. From the hidden city of thieves to the dark peaks of the Black Mountain, Dagen will take a journey full of wonder and magic, excitement and danger, love and betrayal. To fulfill his destiny he must let go of painful childhood memories and learn to believe in something greater than himself. (First book coming in 2014)

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