Sunday, December 23, 2012

Book Review: A Dragon Scorned by J.C. Harker

A Dragon Scorned is part of the Dragons Reborn Series. In this story, Uutta Toivoa is attacked by a dwarven ship. The story started out pretty good and sounded promising, but toward the middle it started to falter. There were many interesting things just barely touched at that I would have liked to read more about. I think it could have done better as a longer, more fleshed out story. The attack on the village was kind of boring, considering that the inhabitants are supposed to have magical powers. I did not see much of that.

The story is well written and descriptive without being wordy and there were a couple of cool scenes like when the dragon wakes up. The way the people of this island bond with their dragons is unique and one of the reasons why I enjoyed a previous short story set in this same world. Sadly, this one is just not as good as the other one was. Still, I would most certainly read more stories written by this author.

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