Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Revelation of Number 10 by Cliff Joseph

Image result for The Revelation of Number 10: A Galactic Neighbor’S Appeal

One night in August of 1998, artist Mark DeLouise sees a bright light in the sky. At first, he believes its a star, and when he wishes his wife, Gracie, was awake to see it, he finds that he has telepathically called her out of sleep. Together they see the shining point of light suddenly zip toward themcoming close enough to make it clear that it is, in fact, a UFO.

Although they go about their daily lives the following day, the experience has a profound effect on Mark as he attempts to understand the aftermath of the event. Whats more, his work begins to reflect that shift immediately. Although his next painting, the last in a series of ten, is meant to be about homelessness, he is compelled to recreate a mysterious structure hes never seen before, with a speed and detail well beyond his usual work. He labels the painting Number 10, not knowing how much the work will change his life. As time goes on, Mark finds himself in a confrontation with the governments authority, in a struggle for both personal and global liberation. 

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