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Meet Four Fantasy Authors At The Blog Hop

I was invited to join this blog hop by Maer Wilson. Thanks Maer.

Maer Author   
After a successful career being other people, and later teaching others the many tricks of that trade, Maer Wilson has decided to be herself for a while. Turns out she’s a writer. She’s always loved stories, especially fantasy, mystery and sci fi. She has a dragon-themed room in her home, but sadly no dragons in the back yard. When she’s not writing, Maer plays online video games, teaches college and reads.
Maer has a BA from CSU Fullerton, where she majored in Theatre Arts. As a former professional stage actor in Southern California, she gave over three thousand performances in an eight-year span.  This helped tremendously with creating the characters in Relics, Book 1 of The Thulukan Chronicles.
While Maer writes mostly urban fantasy, she also dips into horror and paranormal mysteries. An avid gamer, her current games of choice are Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2.
Maer is also a co-producer and co-host for the literary podcast, MythBehaving. She enjoys interviewing guests from the publishing world and takes the great advice her guests give and applies it to her own career.
Portals, Book 2 of The Thulukan Chronicles is in submission. She’s currently in revisions for Magics, Book 3 of The Thulukan Chronicles. Other Works in Progress include another fantasy novel, a Biography/Memoir and a new Sci Fi series.
Relics was released by Crescent Moon Press on May 1. 2013 and is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Kyra Dune, fantasy fiction author


Kyra Dune was born in Oklahoma, but spent most of her life travelling with her family. She is the author of more than a dozen fantasy novels, including: Shadow of the Dragon, Elfblood, and Firebrand. As a child, her favorite stories were those that told of ordinary children being whisked away to magical lands. She has yet to find her own secret wardrobe or rabbit hole, but she hasn’t given up the search. You never know what might be waiting over the next rainbow.



Current Projects: Higher Power & Oracle (Books 1 & 2 Prophecy of the Cataclysm Trilogy) (epic fantasy), Chasing The Whirlwind (Dragon Within Series Book 2) (YA Urban Fantasy), The Watchtower War (Time of Shadows Series Book 5) (High Fantasy), Trey (working title) (Fantasy).

All my books are very character oriented and tend to feature dragons. I've always loved to read fantasy books, ever since I was a kid, so I guess it was only natural I should grow up to write them. I rewrite each book three times, then do three edits, and I'm done. Three seems to be my magic number :).


As a teen, writing became my passion, and like most aspiring writers, my work was terrible, immature, clichéd drivel. I attended college for my creative writing degree, enlisted in the Army, then ended up a paramedic. Throughout my life, I've explored far and pushed myself hard.

I write like I live. Come and explore my imagination.

I just finished the second book in The Brajj Trilogy, Nightmares of the Queen, which is science fiction. It's publishing date is March 30, 2014. I'm also finishing the first book of my new fantasy trilogy The Verge, Fairytale Apocalypse, which I'm hoping to have published this spring, and I'm getting ready to start the third and final book of The Brajj Trilogy, Destiny of the Queen.

My work tends to be more mash-up of science fiction or fantasy. I love incorporating bits and pieces of mystery, romance, thrillers, suspense, whatever works for the plot and characters of each story.

I love writing the stories that I do because they tend to be based on my dreams. And then expand them through improvisational writing techniques. I just dive in!

I'm the ultimate pantser. I don't use notes or write out scenes. My best work is all improvisational. I set my imagination free and great things happen.

Bio: Kirstin Pulioff is a storyteller at heart.  Born and raised in Southern California, she moved to the Pacific Northwest to follow her dreams and graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Forest Management.  Happily married and a mother of two, she lives in the foothills of Colorado, and enjoys being a stay at home mom.  When she’s not writing an adventure, she is busy living one. Her published works include a middle grade fantasy series, and a dystopian short story.



Facebook:  KirstinPulioffAuthor
Author & Book Page
Kirstin Pulioff


1) What are you working on?

I am currently working on a YA Fantasy tentatively titled, Dreamscape: Saving Alex. I am working on the first draft at the moment, but I can promise a lot of action, adventure, fantasy fun, and of course a little romance. I anticipate it's release Fall 2014.

2) How does your work differ from others of its genre? 

That is a good question, and a tough one. I write the stories that speak to me, so they are not always contained to one specific genre... or follow all the rules. I don't know that they are necessarily different than others in the genre, but they are written with my voice.

My middle grade fantasy series revolves around Princess Madeline, a strong willed princess determined to live her life on her terms. This creates all sorts of havoc, adventure, and conflict. In this series I wanted to portray a traditional story, with a modern twist.

The Ivory Tower is a dark dystopian, that makes a statement about government control and protection. In writing this, I learned that not every story can have a happy ending.

3) Why do you write what you do?

The stories that I write just come to me. It will happen when I least expect it, that burst of inspiration that confines me to my computer until the words run dry. Part of my creative expression is through writing, and sharing the stories. I write to entertain, to make statements, and also to explore different philosophical ideas.

4) How does your writing process work?

I wish I had a good process. ;)

The ideas come, and from there I start. I always begin with a general outline. I need to have an idea of where my story is going, what idea I want to cover, and how the characters will get me there. From that point, I begin writing. I write the first draft until complete, and then begin the editing process. I will edit once or twice through myself before sending off to my trusted beta team for comments or concerns. From there, I make re-writes, and off to my final editor to polish the edges. Each step has a different joy attached to it. This seems straight forward, but considering it takes place either all late at night or early in the mornings, it is a stretch to fit it all in. But it is worth every hour of lost sleep and extra pot of coffee.

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