Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book Review: Hunter by Cheree Alsop

                                      (Silver Series: Book 6)


Hunter, the sixth book of the Silver Series, is about Dray, a werewolf who feels trapped and alone in his small farming town. He struggles to find his place and fit in despite his differences, then Dray’s world is shaken when a cute girl shows up the same time as a vengeful wild werewolf pack. With Jaze’s help, Dray fights to protect his town, but when Jaze is in trouble, Dray puts everything on the line to help the werewolves who changed his life.

4 Stars

My Review

Dray is a werewolf who has grown up among humans, unsure if there are really others out there like him. He struggles to live a normal life while keeping his secret. But when a pack of wild werewolves shows up to terrorize his hometown, Dray's entire world is flipped upside down.

Despite a courageous effort on Dray's part, one lone werewolf isn't fit to go up against a pack. The new girl in town, who is none other than Gem, calls in Jaze and his pack for reinforcements. What ensues is a heart pounding, thrill a minute ride that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.

Hunter is a story of courage, love, and loyalty that will warm your heart and leave you breathless.


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