Sunday, January 21, 2018

Eye Of The Storm by Kyra Dune

Eye Of The Storm (Stormwatch Saga #4) by [Dune, Kyra]

In the fourth installment in the Stormwatch Saga, Gellen is desperately trying to make Samar's dream come true so he can finally escape from under the shadow of his former lover. But to do that means overturning centuries of tradition and convincing a king to change the ancients laws of his land. Marisa would do anything to aid her brother, but she'll soon find herself with troubles of her own. The kind of troubles that could bring the world down on all their heads.

Haven't started the series yet? Check out Part One to see how it all begins.

Two young children. Each carrying a special gift. Both caught up in the beginnings of a storm that will rage across two continents and alter the course of the future for their entire world. See how it all begins in this part one of the Stormwatch Saga.

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