Sunday, January 7, 2018

Diviner's Prophecy by Nicolette Andrews

Diviner's Prophecy (Diviner's Trilogy Book 1) by [Andrews, Nicolette]

Diviner's Prophecy (Diviner's Trilogy Book 1) by [Andrews, Nicolette]


I didn't like this book much when I first started reading it. It begins rather abruptly and made me feel like I was dropped right into the middle of the story, in a bad kind of way. It was a little disorienting, and made it hard for me to connect with the main character, Maea. That being said, I grew to like the book better the more I read. Some of the characters kind of blur into each other, but the main ones are fairly distinct and interesting, and the story is decent for the most part.
My biggest problem with this book is that the entire plot is based around the fact that Maea has been stripped of her memories. Had that not happened, the entire book would not have happened, or at the least would have played out much differently. Now, that premise isn't bad on its own, it could even have made for a more interesting story, but the reason for the removal of her memories was flimsy. Especially since doing so had the exact opposite outcome of what certain characters wanted to have happen. I think I would have liked it better had Maea not been so clueless.
By the end I enjoyed the book well enough to give it three stars, but I haven't decided if I care enough to buy Book Two.

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