Friday, January 22, 2016

New Release: The Gift by Michael Patrick

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy (Humor)
Series: The Shiver Chronicles 

The Gift The Shiver Chronicles Book 1 is now available! fyi free on #kindleunlimited

It was an ordinary day in the ordinary life of Henry and Ralph: two brothers whose life existed for mischief and mayhem. Get up, make a mess, and go to school. But today, was not an ordinary day. It started with the Mississippi River and something that should not exist. And then it invaded the school: a monster. A monster that adults don’t see, and don’t believe in.

The boys are thrust into defensive mode, tasked with saving the school from a giant…thing. Then Gorbert appears. A wizard charged with hunting monsters in this world and next, he helps the boys only to realize that things aren’t as they appear.

Who exactly are Ralph and Henry, and where does their path lead? Are they simply young boys, or something more?
Read on for a fantastic glimpse into the new young adult series by Mike Evans!

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