Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cover Reveal: Oracle by Kyra Dune


Genre: Epic Fantasy

Anastasia's quest leads her to the Land Of Midnight, a shadowy realm where danger lurks around every corner. Her only hope is Oracle, the one person who might give her some clue of how to accomplish her goal. But if, as she fears, the only way to save the realms is to give her life then she is willing to make the sacrifice. If only the man who would do anything to keep her safe will allow it.

Daniella is certain the struggle to win her brother the throne is more than a matter of who will be king. It's a fight for their very lives. And she will do anything to secure their future. But when a startling revelation is brought to light, Daniella will find herself forced to make an impossible choice.

Can the Cataclysm be prevented? Or will destiny prove to powerful to thwart? 

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