Monday, October 26, 2015

Book Review: Tears Of Heaven by RA McCandless


This book is really awesome. I love all of the characters, especially Del. This may be in part because she reminds me of one of my own characters, but mostly it's because I enjoy snark. And she's fierce to boot.

One thing that bothered me is the use of 'burn' and 'burning' as curse words. I'm not a big fan of the F-Bomb, but I feel like you either use it or you don't. It's like in those movies where they dub over the bad words with other words that are just ridic
ulous. I find it jarring. Also, there were a couple of transitions in the early half of the book that felt a bit abrupt to me and one incident that never did make any sense at all.

Despite those few flaws, this is still a five star read for me. I loved it. I liked seeing Del's past as well as her present. I will tell you if you're a crier like me (I cry when it's happy as much as when it's sad) you're going to need some tissues.

I highly recommend this to any fan of urban fantasy and I'm looking forward to picking up the sequel.

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