Saturday, March 7, 2015

Book Review: Two by Ron Glick


The Pantheon has succeeded in creating a Godslayer within the mortal realms - Nathaniel Goodsmith has slain the New Order's Goddess, Imery. But none in the New Order know exactly what has happened to their Mistress of Truth, and for that matter - few seem to care. Only a trio of the New Order Gods take it upon themselves to uncover the true fate of their sister.

Meanwhile, the former heretic, Avery, has been visited from his own future - and set upon the path to where the second of the nine swords will awaken. While Nathaniel, Brea and Bracken race to claim the new sword, they are unaware that Avery seeks to arrive first to claim the new sword for his own. If he can beat the Godslayer to the new sword's location, he might still be able to retain his status as a God - and defeat the Godslayer once and for all.

Yet neither the mortals nor the Gods themselves are ready for the newest players to enter the contest - the demi-Gods!

Two is the second volume of the Godslayer Cycle, the nine book epic destined to redefine the power of divinity within fantasy fiction forever.

4 Stars

My Review

The second installment in the Godslayer Cycle does not disappoint. Two is equally as engrossing as One, with an excellent continuation of the series plot. The characters continue to grow and change along with their circumstances. The story has interesting twists along the way and the ending certainly surprised me, which does not often happen. I'm still on the fence as to whether I should think of Avery as a hero or a villain, making him my favorite character. This is a series I would certainly recommend to fans of epic fantasy.


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