Saturday, December 20, 2014

Book Promo: City Of Magic by Kyra Dune

Title: City Of Magic (Elfblood Trilogy Book Three)
Author: Kyra Dune
Genre: YA Dystopian


Charlie has finally reached the City Of Magic, where waits the lost elven magic he has been searching for. But the city is a ruin, his friends are missing, and there is a darkness known only as the Void slowly creeping over everything.

When Charlie comes across a group of elves, he hopes they will be able to help him locate the Silver Catacombs. But everything is not as it seems. There are two groups of elves in the city, one who resists the Void and one who worships it. It’ll be up to Charlie to figure out who his true allies are. Danger lurks around every crumbling ruin and betrayal always comes from within.


The dark one roared out its fury. Then it attacked, slamming its will against Thomas’ and trying to drive him out. It was strong. So strong. But Thomas held on, seeking a way to force it to release its hold over the wraiths. He dug himself deeper into the dark one’s mind. Mental claws raked across his consciousness, filling him with a red hot pain the likes of which he’d never before felt. Still, he clung stubbornly to his tenuous hold and drove his will further down through layers of black bile that burned and stung. Fighting for control.

The dark one cried out as Thomas struck a vulnerable spot, wounding it. It lost its grip on the wraiths. But in doing so it freed itself to turn the full power of its fury on Thomas. Before he could escape, he found himself entangled in the web of the dark one’s mind as it grabbed at him. It was furious he had won even so small a victory and intent on making certain he didn’t live to enjoy it.

Fresh waves of pain rolled over Thomas. He struggled to break free, but it was no good. He had used up all his strength and now he was drowning. He was suffocating. He was dying.

Somewhere above him, crimson light burned in the darkness. A flicker of flames that grew brighter as a red dragon hurtled toward him, spewing fire along the way.

About The Author

Kyra Dune was born in Oklahoma, but spent most of her life travelling with her family. She is the author of more than twenty fantasy novels, including: Shadow of the Dragon, Elfblood, and Firebrand. As a child, her favorite stories were those that told of ordinary children being whisked away to magical lands. She has yet to find her own secret wardrobe or rabbit hole, but she hasn’t given up the search. You never know what might be waiting over the next rainbow.

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