Friday, October 11, 2013

Book Review: A World of Terror by the Authors of ASMSG

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Blurb: The authors of ASMSG have determined this Halloween to be a great time for Terror. Ghouls, ghosts, vamps, death, and psychos reign in World of Terror. Twenty stories of fright and nightmares await you as you peruse these tales of fear and horror. Enjoy, and don't forget to keep a bed light on just in case.
I give it 3 stars
My Review: This is a diverse collection of short horror stories sure to have something for every appetite. Many of the stories I enjoyed very much, while others weren't to my taste. But that's the way it is when you a read collection like this.
My favorite was The Clearing by Tony Gilbert. It was creepy, cool, and fantastical, just the way I like my horror to be. I also really enjoyed Millie by Berk Washburn. Don't read it if it's dark and you're home alone. (Or do, if you want to spend the rest of the night listening for eerie whispers and creaking footsteps.) Death Hates His Job by Wodke Hawkinson was good too, not scary but interesting. I always like a good story about the Grim Reaper.
The best part about this anthology is that it's free. So why not download a copy? You're sure to find something to love and you might even stumble across a new favorite author.

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