Sunday, October 13, 2013

Book Review: Alfred Hitchcock Presents Stories To Be Read With The Door Locked

I give it three stars

My review: This anthology is a rather odd mix of horror and detective stories. I am not at all fond of detective stories, but I enjoyed most of the horror stories. My favorite was Shottle Bop by Theodore Sturgeon. It's a story about a man gifted with a supernatural power who fails to heed the warning attached to it. I also really enjoyed Voices In The Dust, which is about a man who goes sifting through the ruins of a lost civilization and finds something unexpected. Another good one was Zombique by Joseph Payne Brennan, about a man who seeks out petty revenge and pays a costly price for it.
If you like detective stories the ones in this anthology are not bad at all, simply not to my taste. And many of the stories have nice twist endings which may surprise you. For the most part, I found this an enjoyable book I'd be happy to recommended to anyone.


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