Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book Giveaway: DragonStar by Kyra Dune

To celebrate the release of my newest YA fantasy novel, DragonStar, I'll be giving away one free pdf copy of the book. See the end of the post for a chance to enter.

Blurb: Dagen is a thief and a good one, at least in his humble opinion. But he has more in mind for his future than picking pockets, and when he comes across the haul of a lifetime, he finally sees a way to impress the boss of his crew, maybe even enough to be made partner.
But things don't go the way Dagen had planned and soon he finds himself on the run with a sack full of stolen jewels, and more, for unknown to him, one of those jewels is the fabled Dragonstar, created in times long past by a powerful sorcerer.
The plan is to head for the port city of Braack, but the Dragonstar has other ideas. From the secret city of thieves, to the ruins of a castle, to the last stronghold of the elves, Dagen's whole life is flipped upside down by visions, haunts, strange beasts, and the looming possibility that one day he just might have to kill a god.


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