Thursday, October 18, 2012

Book Review: The Golden Rose by Kathleen Bryan

This book is about a king trying to unleash an ancient god that will basically destroy the world. There is a lot of magic in this book, but it's not the flashy kind. Most of it is mental, which was cool for a change. This is the second book the War of the Rose Trilogy.
The female MC, Averil, is a duchess and next in line for the throne that is currently occupied by her wicked uncle. According to tradition, she has to soon marry in order to produce an heir. But she's love with a young knight, Gerient, whom she can't marry. To make things even harder, they're bound to each other by the magic they share.
On top of all that, they are working to stop her uncle from unleashing the Serpent God of Chaos on the world. Because their magic is stronger together, they can't stay away from each other if they hope to stop the king.
It's a well written book and the relationship between the two MC's is intense and painful. This is High Fantasy, which is what I like best, and it's an interesting story.

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