Monday, June 5, 2017

Godstone by Kyra Dune .99 CENT SALE

When a wicked, power hungry Emperor seeks out the Godstone, a mythical stone said to grant its bearer godhood, it puts the entire world at risk. It'll be up to a handful of pirates, a seer, and two skilled warriors to stop him. Can they end the Emperor's tyranny, or will the world be lost?


After lying dormant in a cave for hundreds of years, the Godstone has returned to the world to seek its avatar. One mortal soul destined to rise into godhood and combat the demonic forces stirring from within the pit. A day the stone has long been anticipating, for its sight is far reaching and many paths are clear before it.
But even such a power as the stone can't see and know all. For the hearts of men are shadowed, and things worse than demons dwell in the darkness. 

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