Friday, March 25, 2016

Blog Tour: Twisted Fairy Tales (An anthology)

Twisted Fairy Tale: An Anthology
Authors-Bethany Lopez, Elizabeth Sharp, Erin Danzer, Heather Marie Adkins, J. Laslie, Jill Cooper, K. Laslie, Magan Vernon, Susan Burdorf, Victoria Escobar
Genre- Fairy Tales

These aren’t the fairy tales you grew up with. New twists reimagine the classics to all sorts of places you’d never expect. This anthology was written solely for the purpose of raising money for the DM Currier Foundation for Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Research. For more information, you can visit

To stop a zombie plague, Snow White will need to kill the evil Queen before the last apple falls.

When Veronica Chapman falls into a coma in a horrific car accident, Trigg Chapman has the second chance to rekindle their rocky romance once upon a dream.

A princess cursed, a blind man kidnapped, and The Beast who threatens their happiness.

Aria inherited a century-long battle among the merfolk nations along with the crown, but a tenacious human looking for restitution could change everything.

A sapling of a dying magical tree desires revenge before the flames turn to love and grant Pinocchia her one wish—to be a real girl.

A princess becomes a pauper, but then must fight to save her kingdom.

Leukemia may have stolen Rapunzel's hair but not her dreams.

When Grandma becomes the latest victim in a string of murders, the wolf just might have to be the hero.

Rumpelstilstkin is not the only criminal in the kingdom.

At the stroke of midnight the spell will break, but there's no proof that it's true love.



The Only Chance

"All right, let's liven up this party with some spin the bottle!" Kara yelled, turning up the radio.
Trigg and his friends Tyler and Justin were the first boys over to the circle. It was the first time I'd really noticed him. The tips of his hair were newly frosted and he was wearing a Lakers jersey that showed off his summer tan. He was definitely the most attractive boy in the sixth grade.
I sipped the last of my Surge and twisted my braided hair around my finger. I had the braids done on our family vacation in Mexico and I thought they made me look edgy, instead of just the wide-eyed middle schooler from the Chicago suburbs.
"Trigg, you want to do the honor of going first?" Kara asked, handing him the empty root beer bottle.
"With pleasure," he said, sitting down in the circle.
All eyes were on that bottle as it spun around Kara's basement floor. Every girl's hands were together, praying that the Trigg Chapman would get to kiss them.
But the bottle slowed and came to a stop right in front of me.
Oohs and ahhs came from the crowd, but I wasn't paying attention to them. My eyes were locked on Trigg's emerald green eyes as he leaned across the circle and gave me my first kiss.
That was years ago—A time past. Now I couldn't remember the last time we kissed. Probably at some point when he was leaving for work and it was a peck on the cheek. Where had my perfect fairytale gone?
I was so lost in my own thoughts that I barely saw the lights ahead. I swerved and screamed, praying that I'd corrected myself. But those bright lights were the last thing I saw before everything went dark.

True Love's Kiss - Jill Cooper (Snow White)

The Only Chance - Magan Vernon (Sleeping Beauty)

Beau and the Beastess - Bethany Lopez (Beauty and the Beast)

MerQueen - Heather Marie Adkins (The Little Mermaid)

Pinocchia - K. Laslie (Pinocchio)

The Princess and the Pauper - Erin Danzer (Prince and the Pauper)

Rae of Hope - J. Laslie (Rapunzel)

The Beast Within - Elizabeth Sharp (Red Riding Hood)

The Other Half - Victoria Escobar (Cinderella)

The Trial Of Rumpelstiltskin - Susan Burdorf (Rumpelstiltskin)

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