Tuesday, December 1, 2015


In celebration of Christmas, the following titles by ME :) are only .99 cents. 

****YA Dystopian Fantasy**** 

Charlie is an elfblood, descended of a conquered people brought to the brink of extinction in the aftermath of a long war. Being able to pass for human gives Charlie an advantage over most of his kind. Only those who look at his record or those he chooses to tell, need ever know his secret. Growing up in an orphanage is hard enough without having to live with that stigma. 

When soldiers come and haul the kids off to a prison work camp, Charlie finds himself no longer able to hide the truth of what he is. If that isn’t bad enough, the magic buried inside him is growing stronger and more out of control. As Charlie struggles with his own problems, and with the dangers of the work camp, he finds himself swept up in a much larger struggle, one whose outcome could decide the future of the world.

****YA Urban Fantasy**** 

Have you ever noticed how life can shift all of sudden? You’re going along thinking everything is great and then WHAM, you get hit by a bus. Well, maybe not a literal bus, but you get what I mean, right? I’m talking about that moment in time when everything changes and life as you know it comes to a crashing halt. 

My name is Abigail Freeman and for me, that moment came on my sixteenth birthday. It wasn't anything so dramatic as getting hit by a bus. In fact, it was so subtle, I didn’t even recognize it for what it was. Not until later could I look back and say that was the moment my life changed forever. 

****YA Epic Fantasy**** 

When Queen Eanndra calls the leaders of the Territories and their heirs to Star Mountain for a Conclave, none of them expect to have their lives changed forever by the repercussions of a war that ended three hundred years ago. 

With the return of the Web of Light, chaos and destruction must surely follow. 

Sides will be chosen. 
Friendships won and lost. 

For within every heart lies the dark seed of betrayal. 

****Epic Fantasy**** 

Lady Anastasia has a problem. Her uncle, the king, is dying and his heir is a dangerous and brutal man with a long held grudge against her brother. Desperate to save Charles' life, Anastasia seeks out a mercenary to discover if the rumors of a nobleman funding a rebellion against the throne are true. She hopes anyone who would dare go so far would be willing to go a little further and offer her and her brother sanctuary. But more is going on than she can guess and when the truth comes out everything she holds most dear is put into jeopardy. 

Princess Daniella also has a problem. Every time she uses her crystal ball to gaze into the future all she can see is death for herself and her brother. But the image is hazy and distorted and gives no clue as to the nature of their demise. Desperate to find the truth, she summons a demon from the aether to help her identify the threat, only to discover it's much closer than she ever dreamed. 

Two women on a collision course with destiny. Neither knowing what role she will play. The future of their world will hang on the balance of the choices they make. 

****Urban Fantasy**** 

Three factions rule Southern Archaides: the human faction - known as The Delegation, the demon faction - known as The Underground, and the saint faction - known as The Syndicate. But power between the three is far from equal and there are those who seek to change that at any cost. 
Angel is a breed - half human, half demon - working for a private investigator in the city of New Hope. But when her boss goes missing she finds herself plunged into a world of spies, lies, murder plots, and deadly secrets. 
It's a tangled web to unravel and for every answer Angel uncovers, a dozen new questions emerge. Someone is trying to pit the three factions against each other, but who and why? It's up to Angel to find out before all out war buries Southern Archaides in ash. 

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