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A post on Reblogging Etiquette courtesy of Marcy Kennedy

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I was curious about the idea of reblogging relative content for my blog, as sometimes I find others can expound on a particular subject so much better than I can. But I was uncertain of the rules, or if it was even something permissible to do. The last thing I would ever do is steal someone else's content. So I googled looking for information and actually found this nice little post by Marcy Kennedy. She states in the article that she, personally, is fine with people reblogging the first couple of paragraphs with a link back to her site. So that's what I'm going to do here.

Reblogging Etiquette
A post by Marcy Kennedy

Lately I’ve seen some bloggers wondering what the etiquette should be around reblogging (blogging something previously posted on another blog).
Before I get into the tips, let me say that I think re-blogging can be useful.
If you’re being reblogged, it’s an honor that someone found your content worthy of sharing with their followers, and it can extend your reach and bring people back to your site without the effort of guest posting. If you’re the reblogger, it can sometimes be a lifesaver in terms of getting content up on your site when your week has fallen to pieces. Plus, you’re providing your readers a service through vetting material for them and bringing them the best.
If done incorrectly, though, reblogging flirts with the line of plagiarism. You don’t want to flirt with plagiarism. She carries some really nasty diseases.
So how can we reblog in a professional, mutually beneficial way?

As for me, I don't mind being reblogged so long as the person doing the reblogging credits me as the author of the post and links back to The Shadow Portal. Spreading information and ideas is a lovely thing to do, so long as we don't try to take credit for things which are not ours. 

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