Thursday, January 1, 2015

Book Review: Hook by K.R. Thompson


Archie Jameson dreamed of adventure.
Today, it found him.

Caught in a chilly October storm, he ducked into a tavern, hoping to escape the rain. What he found, was a room teeming with pirates. Shanghaied by the most elderly of the lot, Archie found himself serving on a ship captained by the fiercest pirate ever to sail the seven seas--the man known as Blackbeard.

Through a series of thrilling twists, Archie finds himself captain of another of Blackbeard's ships, the Jolig Roger. In an attempt to flee danger, his ship becomes lost under stars never before seen.

Determined to save both his crew and the woman he loves, Archie will make decisions that will forever seal his fate.

For in Neverland, not all is as it seems.

3 Stars

My Review

Hook is an interesting take on the origins of the feud between Peter Pan and Captain Hook, as told from Hook's point of view. This is not a retelling of the story of Peter Pan, but rather a sort of prequel, taking place before Wendy's arrival in Neverland.

What makes a villain? I don't want to give away any of the thrilling and shocking twists this story offers, but I will tell you that I found the story of Hook completely unexpected and compelling. The difference between a villain and a hero is often a matter of perspective, and it's always interesting to see a well known story told from a different point of view. The characters in Hook are painted in shades of gray, as all well fleshed out characters should be.

If you enjoy hearing a familiar story from a new point of view, you should definitely check out Hook.


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