Friday, July 4, 2014

The Shadow Portal Newsletter

Photo: I decided to start making up an actual newsletter for those who follow me by email. I'll put it out once a month, even when I have no writing news of my own. In the newsletter, I'll include content like author interviews and book reviews. So my followers will get to read about lots of other books, and not just mine. If you're interested in signing up, you can fill out the form on my website homepage.

I've recently decided to start doing a monthly newsletter for my email followers, instead of only giving them updates on my own work. This way, they can learn about lots of great authors and books. As you can see from the above cover, I'll have author interviews, book promos, book reviews, and cover reveals for upcoming novels. I may add other materials in the future, such as short stories and articles.

If you'd like to subscribe to the newsletter, you can do so on my website's homepage

If you're an author and you'd like to see one of your short stories or articles in the newsletter, you may also use the contact sheet on my website, simply state in the comments section that you want to be a contributor and not a subscriber. Unless you want to be both. :)

I'll also be selling some add spaces, so if you're a cover artist, editor, or anything else that has to do with working with authors or books, you can get a 3" X 5" add space for just $10.00 a month. You may also contact me through the website, some provision as for authors.

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