Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book Review: The Fox Run by David Robbins

Endworld #1


The Time: 100 Years after World War 3
The Place: What used to be called America

The Family: The descendants of those few survivors of the nuclear holocaust that annihilated most life on Earth. They struggle to rebuild a vanished civilization within the walls of the compound known as The Home.

The Trolls: But beyond the compound lies a vast and dangerous wasteland inhabited by a savage barbarian tribe who plunder, ravage, and destroy whatever comes within their grasp.

The Alpha Triad: Skilled warriors and intrepid defenders of the Family, it is Blade, Hickok, and Geronimo who must rescue the women abducted by the Trolls, tortured and enslaved in the Troll stronghold in Fox, Minnesota. In the brutal battle that ensues, the Alpha Triad must pit their weaponry and cunning against the bestial enemy to save their women, their honor, and their Home.

I give it 3 stars

My Review

The Fox Run is an action packed post-apocalyptic tale of humanity one hundred years after the third World War. It tells the story of the Family, who have been secluded in the safety of their compound since the nuclear war raged. But the time has come for the family to venture outside their walls to discover what's become of the rest of the world.

This is the first in what I consider a promising series. Yes, some of the characters are a bit cliché, but I enjoyed them anyway. There's a heavy dose of humor along with the more darker aspects of the book, especially from the gun slinging Hickok, who fashions himself a sort of futuristic cowboy. Then there's the more quiet Geronimo, who may very well be the last person of Native American blood left in America. Their leader is Blade, far more serious and stern but not without his lighter side.

I enjoyed this book and would happily suggest it to any fan of the genre.



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