Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Launch: Shadow King by Kyra Dune

Join me for the launch of my newest novel, Shadow King (Time of Shadows #3).

Author: Kyra Dune
Series: Time of Shadows #3
Genre: Fantasy
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Reports of a dragon spotted in the Crystalline Mountains has King Daemon on edge. He'd rather not believe it's true, but a confirmation from the High Priest is hard to ignore.
Del has a secret. One not entirely his own. A secret too dangerous to keep, yet one that if revealed could cost someone he cares for her life.
When a vision forces Rowlin to leave his home and the only world he's ever known, he has no idea what lies ahead of him.

Clayden realizes that to uncover the meaning of the words written in the book marked only with the name Spiros he must make a journey to a place he left long ago. A place to which he never intended to return.

As Prince Dominus' fourteenth spring nears, he dreams of being king. And if his mother has her way, those dreams may come true sooner than he thinks.

The wheel of time continues to turn and each step taken, each choice made, pushes them all inexorably forward down the path toward the Watchtower. For there will be war and neither gods nor men can stop it. The only questions that remain is where they will stand when the time comes and which side will win.

     Dominus scoffed. “You really think you’re capable of calling a dragon?”
     Kaida’s smile faltered as she lay the book back on the table. “Let me show you what I’ve been working on and maybe you will too.”

     “I’m waiting.”

     She fixed her gaze on the book, her lips trembling ever so slightly as she read the spell. “Incendia extraho spirius mico veneficus lux antiquus serpens lucror adeo is quisnam dico vos efficio meus liceor.”

     The light in the lamp flickered as above the book a ball of flame slowly materialized. It grew brighter, writhing and turning in an unseen wind. Wings of flame unfurled, a barbed tail flicked, and then the dragon lifted its head and stared at Dominus with coal black eyes.

     Casson gasped. “Gods save us.” His voice sounded strangled. “A dragon.”

     “Isn’t it beautiful?” Kaida asked, completely ignoring her brother’s horrified expression. “The book calls this a dragon’s doppleganger and it says that if the spell is done right, it can call a real dragon.”

     At the moment, Dominus was much more interested in the dragon right in front of him, rather than one that might or might not currently be hiding out in the mountains. True, a real dragon would be of greater use, but he was not certain that Kaida was capable of handling such a beast yet.

     “Is this a true dragon?” he asked. “Or is it only for show?”

     “Ignis,” Kaida said, and the dragon threw back its head to let out a belt of fire toward the ceiling. Casson flinched.

     The heat from the fire was real enough, but could it burn? “Very nice show, but is it useful?”

     “There’s nothing flammable down here but the books,” Kaida said.

     Dominus looked toward Casson, who visibly paled beneath his gaze. “I can think of something we could try the fire out on.”
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