Monday, September 30, 2013

Book Review: The God of Mischief by Paul Bajoria

(Sequel to The Printer's Devil)
Blurb: Sent to live with their nearest living relative, Sir Septimus Cloy, the eccentric widower of their late mother's cousin, Mog and Nick spend a lot of time on their own. They explore the Cloy mansion, with its towers and turrets, staircases leading nowhere, and forbidden rooms. Two elderly manservants, Melibee and Bonefinger, guard Cloy like malevolent ravens. Then sinister things begin to happen: a falling gargoyle misses them in the churchyard, a flagstone collapses beneath their feet, and their governess is found hanged in her room. References in old documents point to some dark secrets in the history of the house, and the village is rife with rumors. Is the mysterious Damyata, a villian from Mog's past, at large once again? And can the twins discover the truth behind the family mansion and its secrets, before their own lives become endangered?

I give it 4 stars

My Review: Mog and Nick have been whisked away from London to live in the dilapidated estate of a distant relative. But Mog's insatiable curiosity once more pulls the twins into the midst of a dangerous mystery.
This YA adventure novel is both darker and more exciting than The Printer's Devil, with plenty of on the edge of your seat thrills to keep your heart racing. Who is the mysterious Damyata and what does he want? What secret is Sir Septimus hiding about his past association with the twin's mother? Who did Bonefinger bury in the woods, and is he responsible for the 'accidents' threatening the twin's lives? Is there a curse on the Cloy family?
I highly recommend you read the book and find out.


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